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Imlay Canyon Gear - Canyoneering Equipment That Works

CANYONEERING EQUIPMENT to make your adventures easier, safer, faster, more elegant.

We ONLY make canyoneering equipment because we ARE Canyoneers. Maybe we do some other stuff, but we KNOW canyoneering is the basis for ALL outdoor sports. Canyoneering is Job One for us.

Canyoneering is hard on equipment, so our gear is rugged, simple, and effective. Many things we make drain when you pull them out of the water. We avoid zippers because they get messed up pretty quick. For all items, the goal is to make them work well in the canyons.

Packs IMLAY PACKS - made simple to be rugged made sophisticated to be effective. Our packs start as GOOD PACKS, with ergonomic shapes and suspensions appropriate to their size. Integrating PVC-Laminate armor, 1000 Denier Cordura and heavy-duty mesh produces packs that work well and last a long time, even in canyons. We call them "Hybrid" Packs, being a hybrid of comfortable Cordura packs (American-style) and PVC-Laminate packs (European-style).

The pack lineup runs from the 42-liter Heaps Pack - made for carefully-packed overnights and big adventures; to the work-a-day 32-liter Kolob Pack and 28-liter Spry Pack; to the 23-liter Mystery and 15.4-liter Leprechaun, made for canyons where people barely fit. All are sturdy, carefully designed and professionally crafted to work exceptionally well in the canyon environment.

Heaps Kolob Spry Mystery Leprechaun

Ropes IMLAY ROPES are made for the rigors of canyoneering. Tightly woven of 100% polyester for toughness and water-non-absorbance, our ropes have a tight, thick sheath that resists cutting and abrasion. The polyester core and sheath work together to make a nice handling, very static canyoneering rope.

We offer three sizes of rope to exceed your adventure requirements:

  8.0 mm Canyon Rope for expeditionary canyoneering far from the road, where every ounce counts. Also good as a rescue rope.
  8.3 mm Canyon Fire Rope for general use by intermediate and advanced canyoneers, who like smallish ropes. This rope is made with an extra-thick sheath to make it burlier for the weight than similar ropes.
  9.2 mm Canyonero Rope for general use, for Class C canyons, for hefty canyoneers - a long lasting rope that provides plenty of confidence. 5000 lb rating.

6.0 mm Canyon Pull Cord is made for pulling down your rope, or hauling packs on non-technical hikes. It is big enough for a Tibloc, strongish, less-water-absorbant and quite static, to make those pesky long pulls a bit easier. Not strong enough to rappel on.

8.3mm Canyon Fire 8mm Canyon Rope 9.2mm Canyonero Rope 6mm Pull Cord

It does not take a lot of canyons to figure out that just having ropes is not enough. Canyoneers use ROPE BAGS to manage their ropes - for stuffing them, for carrying them, for deploying them, and for keeping them under control in a difficult and dirty environment. Good rope bags are essential canyoneering equipment for elegant passage through the canyons.

Imlay offers four sizes of rope bags for different lengths and diameters of ropes. The ROPE SILO is our most sophisticated model, and sized to fit 200 to 300 foot ropes. Somewhat less fancy, the BAGARINO offers good performance for ropes up to 120 feet (9mm) or 150 feet (8mm). The BAGETTE is made for a 200' 6mm Pull Cord.

Rope Silo Small & Large Bagarino Bagette

Potholes scare people - for good reason! They can pop up in surprising places, even places that were benign on previous visits. Learning how to escape 'em, and carrying the tools that assist with that, expands the range of extraordinary places we can visit.


Canyons have water, sometimes a LOT of water. Drybags work pretty well for most stuff, but for more-valuable stuff (less-crushable and more-accessible stuff), CANYON KEGS, molded plastic kegs from Holland, work even better. Available in a range of sizes for a range of objects.

Small Canyon Keg Large Canyon Keg

Accessories Small things that can make your canyon trips more fun:

  The Clipster - a handy safety lanyard for canyoneering.
  Scuttle Butt - it just might save your butt, some day...
  Zion: Canyoneering - good entertainment for those rainy monsoon days in Springdale. Useful in Zion's canyons, too.

The Clipster Scuttlebutt Zion: Canyoneering

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